Monday, July 9, 2012

About All of My Blogs

I have several different blogs and websites. I like to write and draw, and other things. I have quite a few interests (mostly of the art, history, literature, non-profit, and creative variety). I like keeping these interests separate ~ or at least, categorized in some way that makes sense to me, and (I hope) to the rest of the world. Each of my blogs and sites has its own personality, so to speak. Sometimes, I want to keep up the persona: kind of like Mark Twain, or just Minnie Pearl. A generic profile just doesn't do, and yet that's what the gurus or dictators of the World Wide Web want to enforce. What they don't realize is that, those of us who aren't, say, Meryl Streep, or Stephen King, or the Queen of England don't have a staff of secretaries and butlers or an entourage of bodyguards and limos to keep the World at large. And our paparazzi aren't the glamorous kind. They're the icky kind, the bums, the drifters, the Viagra sellers of the world. We just don't want to let them in. That's part of my justification for the private Whois listing, the obscure contact information, the buried technical stuff. That, and my natural shyness (blush, blush). A real lady knows when to put her little silk fan in front of her face. For those who (for whatever reason) desperately need to know who writes this stuff, where it's hosted, and all that good stuff, I'll be adding posts and links to update you on my doings. Or, if you've read this far, just scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out my profile. In the meantime, visit my main website ~ the one that started all this:

Technical Stuff

Every blog has to have technical stuff. Now, artists and writers aren't that fond of technical stuff. Maybe techniques of art and writing, or technical pens. We don't mind that kind of technical stuff. But technical mumbo-jumbo ~ that stuff, we don't like. First we tried burying it within each blog. Oh, we put a link so you could find it ~ we weren't being that obscure. We didn't want it front and center on our blog page. You can understand, can't you? Unless you're a real tech geek. Now, techies love having all that mumbo-jumbo top center. That's what their blogs are all about, that's what they thrive on. They design the whole Web around it, they love it so. Well, when we tried burying our technical stuff among blog posts, it worked okay. Until we had to make a change. That's when we realized, no matter what we tried, that technical stuff just kept popping back up to the top of our blogs. It's a pain. Now, I don't know how other artists and writers find their way around it, but I did it this-a-way. I just made myself a technical blog. I couldn't call it Technical Stuff. That was already taken. So I called it whatever. Now, any technical stuff I have to put will be on this very boring page, and I'll just link to it. If something is really of earth-shattering importance, I may consider a post on my main page. Thanks for bearing with me.